4GL Solutions Announces New Product Functionality in STEEL MANAGER III

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4GL Solutions, one of the leading ERP Metal Center software companies focused exclusively on the Metal Service Center industry has announced the new functionality of its’ Enterprise Resource Metal Centre software, STEEL MANAGER III. All of our customers will enjoy added functionality in the areas of Inventory Management, Inside Processing, Outside Processing, AP, AR, GL, Order Entry and Purchasing.

KASTO Integration

One of the many advantages of Steel Manager III is our ability to interface with the KASTOunicompact Storage System. With this type of integration the efficiency and accuracy of the picking process is increased drastically. Also, the inventory database in the KASTO system is automatically synced with the SM3 database. KASTOunicompact systems are custom-designed to store large amounts of bar or extrusion products. A unicompact is normally used where – aside from large storage quantities – fast access times are essential. With approximately 40 – 50 picks per hour, 24 hours a day, a system needs the right number of order filling stations combined with the proper handling equipment, such as sway-free cranes and magnets (where applicable). Together with conveyor tables, weighing scales and computer terminal, the right equipment assures much faster, safer and easier handling than conventional storage solutions.

Integrated Scrap Policy

SM3s Integrated Scrap Policy allows a steel service center to design their own Scrap policy where remnants created from a cutting operation are scrapped based on their dimensions and the cost of remnants are applied to the Sales Order, i.e. a policy could be established where all remnants of Stainless Round bar, with a maximum diameter of 2″ are scrapped, with cost of the scrap being charged to the Sales Order if the scrap length of the bar is less than 36″.

Kerf Cut Calculation

Our In-house Processing screen includes Kerf Calculations, where SM3 will automatically calculate Kerf costs when costing orders and consuming inventory. Completely flexible kerf calculations, whether the material is being processed by saw, flame, plasma, or water jet cutters, insure the proper costs are accounted for in customer quotes resulting in more accurate profit margins.

Electronic document delivery options

SM3 has the ability to seamlessly fax / email documents based on customer and / or vendor preferences. For example, you could have the quote, order confirmation, packing slip, Mill Test Reports (MTRs) and invoice automatically emailed to different contacts within your customer’s organization. You can also have quotes and order confirmations automatically emailed directly to the outside salesperson associated to the customer.

Additional Dashboard features

Automatic notifications within the dashboard can notify steel center management of orders that fall outside of a tolerated margin percent. It would then be up to management to release the order – similar to that of a credit check. Management can also be notified of stock that is running low so that it can be replenished before orders are lost.

Price Book integration with Excel

Our price book import feature will allow management to maintain pricing levels in Excel. By using various features of Excel, and our one touch import into SM3, you can have your pricing levels updated within a matter of minutes, not weeks.

WiFi Features

With Steel Manager III’s WiFi capabilities you can move some of the data processing to the shop floor. With our barcoding and built in checks and balances this feature can dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of your picking, processing, and receiving transactions.

MTR Creation

Steel Inventory Control by Log/Tag # automatically links to electronic Material Test Reports (MTRs), providing permanent lookups of MTRs in inventory, and an option to automatically print/fax/email your certifications with the packing slip.

Parent/Child Hierarchy

When the parent / child relationship has been setup between warehouses, you will have the ability to separate your inventory by warehouse but consolidate certain financial transactions such as accruals, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Consolidated Financial reporting

Consolidated financial reporting will allow steel service centers to produce financial reports for individual warehouses as well as for your entire corporation. With the flexibility of our report writer you will also be able to report on the profitability of a particular product group or machine.

Outside sales functionality

With the built in faxing / emailing capabilities SM3 will allow you to automatically send copies of quotes and sales orders to your outside sales staff as these documents are processed in the system. We can also provide you with a secure login for your outside sales force to login to the system, view limited information and input information about sales calls to keep your inside sales force informed.


Route and load planning has never been easier. With SM3’s manifest you will be able to easily plan your routes. With input fields such as maximum weight and maximum length in ship via maintenance, you can ensure that your trucks are not overloaded and that they are loaded as effectively and efficiently as possible.


About 4GL Solutions

4GL Solutions, founded in 1984, is a leading source for customized ERP Metal Center Software, specifically designed for the steel and metal industry. Our state-of-the-art Steel Manager III (SM3) metal industry software package is a completely integrated system encompassing inventory management, purchasing, sales, in-house processing, outside processing, shipping, bar coding, MTR retrieval, accounts payable, accounts receivable and a complete general ledger program.

4GL Solutions’ Enterprise STEEL MANAGER III Metal Center software system is installed in customer sites throughout Canada and the United States.

For more information, please contact:
Paul Parsons
Vice President, Sales & Marketing