As seen in Modern Metals | August 2018

We are pleased to have been featured in Modern Metals magazine as part of the software solution/ERP for Nivert Metal Supply Inc, in Throop, Pennsylvania.

Modern Metals, August 2018 – Customers expect traceability from the moment they are quoted an order, place the order, and finally, take delivery. Knowing where and when it will arrive is considered a given these days so companies have to ensure they have the capability to keep up with expectations.“Previously we had to track heat numbers and other tasks outside the software system we were using,” recalls Aaron Nivert, CFO at Nivert Metal Supply Inc., Throop, Pennsylvania. “We needed a system that would allow us to keep everything in one space and free up our guys from manually inputting and calculating information, which slowed down production.”

Nivert was in the final stages of securing a new software system when an unseemly situation occurred. “The original company we were considering flat out lied to us about a capability—it turns out they couldn’t do what they promised,” Nivert says. “I was flustered but received a call from 4GL and realized we could get what we needed with them.” … Download the full article here.