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4GL Solutions Introduces Customer Portal

George Walton, President of 4GL Solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of a Customer Portal module within Steel Manager III, their ERP software specifically designed for the metals industry.

4GL Solutions worked very closely with our customer Fidelity PAC Metals,, in the development of our Customer Portal. Both companies required a Customer Portal module that was highly functional and would also be extremely user-friendly. Together we have created a product that we are very proud to release into the industry.” said Walton.

Tom Pope, President of Fidelity PAC Metals commented, “4GL Solutions Steel Manager III, is the world’s leading ERP software for the metals industry, and the new Customer Portal module carries that reputation forward. We know that our Customers are constantly seeking improved efficiencies and timely information, and the Customer Portal provides instant access to real time information such as create-a-quote, mill test reports. order-status and so much more. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with 4GL Solutions on this project.”

Our Customer Portal will significantly reduce the number of calls our customers receive from their clients for information such as invoices, quotes, MTRs (Test Reports), PODs (Proof of Delivery) etc. The Customer Portal provides our customer’s clients access to pertinent information independently, without tying up staff. The result is lower costs and increased customer service so staff can focus on what is truly important, selling and servicing their customers. In addition, the eCommerce program module within the portal allows our customers to be open 24x7x365, generating significant incremental sales.” said Walton.

Highlights of the Customer Portal include:

  • Check stock and incoming material in all warehouse locations
  • Generate quotes with the option to have quotes automatically priced
  • Easily convert quotes to orders
  • Flexible Units of measure, quote or order by pounds, feet, lengths, pieces, bundles
  • Mill Test Reports or Certs available for all products with a simple click of an icon
  • Access to documentation such as invoices, packing slips, MTR’s, bill of Ladings, proof of delivery, and easily have those documents Emailed back to the customer

Totally Secure

Individual contacts within each client with Portal access will have a user login and password which will be validated by Steel Manager III before access is granted.

Customizable Views

Customers have the option of limiting user access, only allowing customized visibility. Customers decide on how much or little their clients can view, e.g. if they don’t want them to request a quote – that function can be restricted as can each individual module.

Integration to Task Manager

When a quote is generated through the portal the quote will appear in the salespersons Quote Follow-up screen. In addition, a “task” will appear on the salesperson’s Task Manager screen alerting them to the fact their customer created a Quote or a Work Order.

In summary, 4GL Solutions Customer Portal will help to reduce customer service cost, improve staff productivity, increase traffic to our customer’s websites, increase sales and improve Customer Service.

For further information please contact Paul Parsons at 4GL Solutions,, 905-640-6727.

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