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Steel Manager III Integrates with SigmaNEST

4GL Solutions Plate Nesting Integration Module 

Our Plate Nesting Integration Module seamlessly interfaces with SigmaNEST, exchanging work order and  plate information in real time. Plates received, and work orders created in Steel Manager III (SM3) will  automatically upload to the nesting software. Also, once a nest has been performed, pick information  and remnant images will automatically tie back to SM3. A huge benefit will be the significant time savings  realised as well as the elimination of possible errors due to manual data input entry.  

Features Include:  

▪ Simply flagging a product line in SM3 will indicate whether the product line will be integrated  with SigmaNEST 

▪ Using bi-directional product code mapping your existing product lines, grade, thickness etc. will  be mapped to the SigmaNEST codes and linked back to the SM3 codes when information is being  returned to SM3 

▪ Inventory being received can be uploaded to SigmaNEST 

▪ Customer Parts drawings can be linked and uploaded from SM3 to SigmaNEST 

▪ Skeleton images and remnants from SigmaNEST can be linked to the log in SM3 and be displayed  to users 

SigmaNEST Module 

Customers with SigmaNEST will be required to purchase the Simtrans integration software from  SigmaNEST in addition to the SigmaNEST SNX303 PowerPack. The PowerPack includes Work Order and  Inventory modules. Depending upon the version of SigmaNEST you are currently using an upgrade  might be required. Please contact SigmaNEST for details, .  

As SigmaNEST is a Windows application it must reside on a local Windows server and/or PC that staff  can access. The Simtrans module allows the Windows server to communicate to the SM3 Linux server.

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