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Steel Manager III Incorporates Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard Reporting 

We are very excited about our new Dashboard Reporting module. These powerful  reports present a graphical representation of a number of important metrics, in an easy  to read format. Drill down features enable a detailed analysis of different aspects of  your business in real-time. Daily sales, Open Orders, Open Quotes, Invoices and more  can be viewed so sales staff can see how they are doing. In development are more  dashboards for Finance, Production and Machine Scheduling, and we won’t stop there! 

Real-Time Customer Information 

Prior to calling on an account sales staff can connect to the Internet with a device such  as an iPad or cell phone and access real-time information about the account using our  Dashboard Reporting. Open Quotes, Open Orders, Sales by Product Line, Call Report  information and much more provide the sales staff with valuable information regarding  the account.

In this case sales staff are presented a high-level summary of how the account is  performing  

All Open Orders for the customer… 

Configured for cell phones – Dashboard reports are configured for a cell phone….you can toggle for any information about the customer’s purchasing habits. Outside sales  staff can pull up this information prior to calling on a customer.

Graphical user interface, table

Description automatically generated   Chart, pie chart

Description automatically generated   Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated   

Sales by product line by month shows whether the account is growing over the past 12  months or 36 months. 

There are many more dashboard reports and drill downs that will provide the sales staff  with all the information they need to maximize their sales opportunities. 

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