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Steel Manager III Incorporates Dashboard Reporting

We are very excited about our new Dashboard Reporting module. These powerful reports present a graphical representation of a number of important metrics, in an easy to read format. Drill down features enable a detailed analysis of different aspects of your business in real-time. Daily sales, Open Orders, Open Quotes, Invoices and more can be viewed so sales staff can see how they are doing. In development are more dashboards for Finance, Production and Machine Scheduling, and we won’t stop there!

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4GL Solutions Introduces Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal has been designed to significantly reduce the number of calls our customers receive for information within Steel Manager III, i.e. invoices, quotes, MTRs (Test Reports), PODs (Proof of Delivery) etc. Our Customer Portal provides your customers access to pertinent information independently, without tying up your staff, resulting in significantly lower costs, increased customer service and staff can focus on what is truly important, selling and servicing your customers.

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Steel Manager III Integrates with SigmaNEST

Our Plate Nesting Integration Module seamlessly interfaces with SigmaNEST, exchanging work order and plate information in real time. Plates received, and work orders created in Steel Manager III (SM3) will automatically upload to the nesting software. Also, once a nest has been performed, pick information and remnant images will automatically tie back to SM3. A huge benefit will be the significant time savings realised as well as the elimination of possible errors due to manual data input entry.

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Steel Manager III Adds Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Transactions like Purchase Orders, P.O. Acknowledgements, Advanced Shipment Notifications and Material Test Reports (MTRs aka Certifications) often involve a series of steps to process with human intervention, which makes them prone to mistakes and human errors. But with the use of EDI, paper documents are eliminated, and human intervention is minimized.

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Task Management System

With the hectic pace within today’s metal service centers managing multiple projects or tasks can become a bit chaotic leading to missed assignments or project delays. Quality, customer accounts receivable, material claims, customer returns, blanket orders, purchasing approvals, pricing approvals all of these factors and many more need to be managed and tracked. Gone are the days where salespeople are wandering around the office with orders in their hands looking for a signature; it must be automated. Salespeople need to be on their phones or answering emails to do their job.

Steel Manager III’s Task Management System insures no communications or tasks will be missed.

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4GL Solutions Announces Document Scanning Integration with ScanToPDF

ScanToPDF greatly simplifies the scanning of barcoded documents. Multiple staff responsible for scanning signed Proof of Delivery documents, Work Orders with supporting documentation, or vendor invoices can simply place the documents on the scanner in any order throughout the day and press the button on the scanner then go back to their day-to-day activities. ScanToPDF Pro will convert the documents into PDF format and automatically place the documents into their own network file folders for future access by Steel Manager III. Barcode on D

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4GL Solutions Introduces Linear Nesting Module

In today’s ultra-competitive metals industry, it’s vital that when quoting and selling linear products that require cutting, your sales team is quoting based on maximizing the yield on the products quoted. This will result in more competitive quotes due to significant material savings, a higher quote to order ratio, and increased margins.
We are very pleased to now offer our customers another powerful tool in Steel Manager III, the 4GL Solutions Linear Nesting Module.

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